about me

Nancy Foote

Educator, wife, mom, Nana, cancer warrior, enlightener, lover of knowledge, reader, science & math teacher, chemist, physicist, Parkinson’s battler

#BreastCancerWarrior #DistanceLearningGuru #SelfCareSpecialist #Covid19QuarantineStruggler #Parkinson’sWarrior

I have been in education for 32 years. I have been a teacher, curriculum coach, department chair, principal, TOSA, mentor. I am happiest when I am with students. I love being a teacher.

My degrees are in physics, chemistry and education, and my National Board Certification is in math.

I believe that teaching is about relationships.

Teachers can make or break kids – their spirits, their love of a subject, their love of learning. Our attitudes are contagious.

Teachers are the most important people in a child’s life, after the parents. I hold this role as sacred. I am honored when parents trust me enough to gift me with their child in my classroom.

It is not a gift I take lightly.

1 thought on “about me

  1. Hi Nancy,
    I took your session at the AATM conference on 9/19/15 and I would love to get a copy of your PPT on Making It Stick. Thank you for such a great session.

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